St-Germain Elderflower LiqueurSt-Germain Bottle
St-Germain Bottle


About St-Germain

Founder: Rob Cooper
Year Founded: 2007
Distillery Location: Dijon, France

St-Germain Essential Facts

  • Don’t hold on to your St-Germain forever. Since it’s made without preservatives, a bottle should be finished within six months.
  • Looking for an easy and tasty cocktail? Next time you pour yourself a glass of dry white wine or Champagne, add a shot of St-Germain.

How you should drink St-Germain

Types of St-Germain Available

  • St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur

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  1. Chuck Thuener says

    I am looking for the St Germain Elderflower Cocktail glasses. Do you know where I can find them?
    Chuck Thuener

  2. i created a bracing spring cocktail using equal parts st. germain and death’s door gin. i call it the “port mort.” garnish with a twist of lemon or lime. it is like a rain shower, according to a friend of mine.

  3. Looking for a recipe for Black-eyed Susan’s for the race tomorrow…

  4. How do I order a bottle & what is the price

  5. Chuck Thuener says

    I am looking for the St Germain Elderflower Cocktail Glasses that have the amounts labled on the side of the glass.

  6. There’s a limited-edition St-Germain gift set that includes a large carafe with labeled fill lines; is that what you’re looking for? We can’t find anything similar with individual glasses.


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