Ron Abuelo

ron-abuelo-rumRon Abuelo Bottle
Ron Abuelo Bottle


About Ron Abuelo

Founder: Don José Varela Blanco
Year Founded: 1908
Distillery Location: Pesé, Panama

Visitor Center:

At the distillery in Pesé, Panama

Ron Abuelo Essential Facts

  • Ron Abuelo traces its history back to the Republic of Panama’s first sugar mill, which opened in 1908. The company began producing rum from its sugar cane juice in 1936.

How you should drink Ron Abuelo

Types of Ron Abuelo Available

  • Ron Abuelo Añejo
  • Ron Abuelo 7-Year Old
  • Ron Abuelo 12-Year-Old

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  1. Very nice test!Much better then standart french cognac.

  2. Giovanni Clbimonte says

    where can i purchase this Rum at?

  3. Seth Schreiner says


    Where are you located? We might be able to help you find this.


  4. Fred Diaz says

    Where can I find this in Chicago, IL?

  5. TropiTom says

    Best all-’round rum I have tasted in years.
    I was introduced to it on a visit to Panama and have been a fan ever since. Uncannily smooth, lovely aromatic nose and lingering finish. Gives ‘Anejo” a whole new dimension. Deserves to be known better. The 7 Year bottling is another winner. Viva Abuelo!

  6. Where can I find Abuelo 7 yr rum in San Francisco?

  7. I was introduced to Ron Abuelo on a visit to Panama. After tasting rums in several European and South American countries, I find myself coming back to this delicious brand. The smoothness and flavors transcend all the others, whether you pick the Anejo, 7 or 12 year.

    Ron Abuelo is available at all Total Wine stores ( in 14 states.

  8. Im trapped in Missouri and really don’t know where to get it /: Just another panamenian without his national rum. Anywhere I can get it? Saint Louis ? Saint Charles? Hazelwood? anything!

  9. Where can I get this in Tampa, FL?

  10. Looking for Abuelo Rum on the East Coast from Virginia to Florida.

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