Rémy Martin Cognac

remy-martin-cognacRémy Martin Bottle
Rémy Martin Bottle


About Rémy Martin Cognac

Founder: Rémy Martin
Year Founded: 1724
Distillery Location: Cognac, France

Visitor Center:

The House of Rémy Martin in Cognac
20 rue de la Sociéte Vinicole, 16 100 Cognac
Tel: 33 5 45 35 76 66

Master Distiller / Blender: Pierrette Trichet, Cellar Master

Rémy Martin Cognac Essential Facts

  • Rémy Martin has been referenced by many rappers, including Dr. Dre, Ja Rule and Notorious B.I.G.
  • The brand was first imported to the United States in 1937.

How you should drink Rémy Martin Cognac

Types of Rémy Martin Cognac Available

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  1. Here is a fact you probably, did not know
    If people other than the French did not drink brandy and cognac they would go out business , the French drink more whisky in a month than they drink cognac in a year.

  2. DG, you are right the French do drink more Whiskey then they drink Cognac not quite your one month to a year. The reason for this is that the region of Cognac historically has supplies most of Europe with salt and when the ships would trade the salt they also brought along the amazing spirit call Cognac. Hince, Cognac is the first spirit to be marketed around the world and that it is known as the King of all Spirits.

  3. Learning about different brands of spirit is interesting.

  4. Frank Bingel says

    I have a bottle of Remy Martin 1974 which comes in a wooden box with a certificate No 1211 which I wish to sell.
    Frank Bingel

  5. Why is Remy no longer available in Mississippi?

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