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About Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Founder: T.W. Samuels, Sr.
Year Founded: 1953
Distillery Location: Loretto, Kentucky

Visitor Center:

Maker’s Mark Distillery Inc.
3350 Burke Spring Road
Loretto, KY 40037
Tel: (270) 865-2099

Master Distiller / Blender: Greg Davis

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Essential Facts

  • Maker’s Mark is Kentucky’s oldest continuously run distillery.
  • Every bottle of Maker’s Mark is hand dipped in red wax making no two bottles exactly alike.
  • Visitors to the distillery can dip their own bottle.
  • Introduced in 2010, Maker’s 46 is the brand’s first new bourbon in almost 60 years.

How you should drink Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Types of Maker’s Mark Bourbon Available

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