Ketel One Vodka

ketel-one-vodkaKetel One Bottle
Ketel One Bottle


About Ketel One Vodka

Founder: Carolus Nolet Sr.
Year Founded: 1983
Distillery Location: Schiedam, Netherlands

Visitor Center:

Nolet Distillery
Hoofdstraat 14
3114 Schiedam, The Netherlands

Master Distiller / Blender: Carolus Nolet Sr

Ketel One Vodka Essential Facts

  • Ketel One is named after the company’s original copper pot still “Distilleerketel #1.”
  • The Nolet family, who makes the vodka, has been distilling spirits since 1691.

How you should drink Ketel One Vodka

Types of Ketel One Vodka Available

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  1. ellen cooper says

    I saw a semi tractor trailer yesterday. Ketel one in big letters; also said Gentlemens Vodka. I always vodka was a womans drink! So ladies no more ketel one; its for the boys!!!

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