Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

jack-daniels-whiskeyJack Daniel's Bottle
Jack Daniel's Bottle

About Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

Founder: Jack Daniel's was founded by Jack Daniel
Year Founded: 1866
Distillery Location: Route 1, Lynchburg, TN 37352

Visitor Center:

Jack Daniel Distillery
Route 1
Lynchburg, TN 37352
Tel: 931-759-6356

Master Distiller / Blender: Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Essential Facts

  • Contrary to popular belief Jack Daniel’s isn’t bourbon. The spirit is charcoal filtered, which is forbidden by government bourbon making rules.
  • Thanks to a courthouse fire, the exact birth date of Jack Daniel is unknown.
  • Why Jack Daniel named his whiskey “Old No. 7” is also a mystery. But there are some theories: it may be the number of girlfriends he had, the way he wrote the letter “J” or because it’s lucky.

How you should drink Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

  • Straight
  • On the rocks
  • With a bit of water
  • With club soda
  • With ginger ale

Types of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Available

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  1. Terry B. says

    Ole Jack is a great sippin whiskey,right out of the bottle.Who would mix this booze with anything else? Kinda like the person that drinks Crown Royal with coke!!!

  2. Jack daniel must have been a man with fine tastes, he certainly knew a fine sippin’ whiskey! I am a jack daniel’s fan for eternity!!!

  3. This is a standard for excellent American whiskey. If you can afford it, go for the Gentleman Jack product. The smoothness and flavor is unparalleled.

  4. richard ng'itu says

    hello guys…!!!
    can u make me clear about jack daniel? is it bourbon whiskey or not?if yes, why has written on the bottle?thanks!!

  5. Carolyn Fulfer says

    love it Whether it is Bourbon or not. I love it,

  6. Jack isn’t a bourbon, but it is some smooth sipping whiskey. Only liquor I drink, and I agree with some earlier posts, anyone that like Jack Daniels, does NOT mix anything with it. Straight up. I don’t even care for it on the rocks.

    • I’m sorry but when I have my Jack Daniels…I usually start off with two shots straight up…back to back …then I have my Jack Sour. This is when I am out on the town Honky Tonking. That is my start to the evening, to many on the rocks will leave me on the rocks…love my Jack Sours!!!

  7. I bought a bottle of Jack about a year ago, and I still have half bottle in the liquor cabinet. I like canadian whisky better.

  8. well I am a gentlejack on the rocks man myself haven’t found anything better.

  9. JD really isn’t my flavor. Even before I knew about the charcoal filtration and charred barrels I tasted something that was off compared to others. IMO Makers Mark is a much smoother straight Bourbon. As for blends I really enjoy American Honey.

  10. I love the Honey Jack. When I have a sore throat…I take a shot which is cooled in the freezer, and it helps kick that sore throat right out of there. For head colds: I take two lemons, boil them…pour off the lemon into a mug…put two shots of Honey Jack Daniels in wrap myself in a very warm thick blanket and I sip it as it is very hot. I have sweat out a head cold the same night with this affect and the sweat pours off me doing as what it is said to do: sweat out the cold. My Irish grandmother told us it is the best way to get a hold on the cold itself…God rest her soul.

  11. ~**< I absolutely love JD but not the honey one. JD is all I drink, great strait but if your looking for a new experience try what I call the "Jugernaught"
    * 1 part Jack
    *2 or 3 parts Green Monster energy drink depending on your taste. I'd say start with 2 and if you think its too strong go with 3.
    – By Spaz413-

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