Hendrick’s Gin

Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur

About Hendrick’s Gin

Year Founded:
Distillery Location:
Ayrshire, Scotland
Master Distiller / Blender:
John Ross, Lesley Gracie, Allan Rimmer, Distillers
Types of Spirits Made:

Hendrick’s Gin Essential Facts

  • The brand uses a rare Carter-Head Still built in the 19th century to gently infuse the gin.
  • Hendrick’s uses a combination of traditional gin botanicals like juniper berries and non-traditional ingredients, including cucumber and rose petal, to flavor the spirit.

How you should drink Hendrick’s Gin


  • Tina posted 2 years ago

    I love Hendrick's with cucumber slices in between ice and a splassh of tonic water. DELICIOUS!!!!! Yum....

  • Sally posted 3 years ago

    I don't like to do too much to Hendrick's Gin. I LOVE it in a martini, shaken not stirred, and whisper the word vermouth over it. MAYBE a dirty martini.

  • Michael posted 3 years ago

    Yeah, a buddy of mine recommended it...I tried it and haven't gone back. I like it as a G & T...muddled lime and and a scant splash of simple syrup. A variant on the old French 75, I believe!

  • sheila posted 3 years ago

    Quite a different taste but quite palatable - have seen the price in Morrison's recently - dearer than Gordon's!

  • Rob posted 3 years ago

    Quite a unique gin.

  • Kevin posted 3 years ago

    Hendrick's gin + Pratt vermouth = the best martini you'll ever have. Seriously, be careful as they go down easy! No need for olives.

  • editor posted 3 years ago

    To find Hendrick's in Bangkok, your best best would be to email the brand: Go to http://www.hendricksgin.com/ and click the "Contact Us & FAQs" link at the bottom of the page

  • Rena Wendt posted 3 years ago

    I agree I also changed to Hendrick. Amazing. But where can I buy it in Bangkok?Please let me know.

  • kds posted 3 years ago

    Ice cold, straight up.

  • kg posted 3 years ago

    Hendricks White Lady is the way to go. That stuff is amazing

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