Green Spot Irish Whiskey


About Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Founder: Mitchell & Son Wine Merchants
Year Founded: 1887
Distillery Location: Midleton, County Cork, Ireland

Visitor Center:

Distillery Walk
Midleton, County Cork, Ireland
Tel: 353 21 4613594

Master Distiller / Blender: Brian Nation, master distiller; Billy Leighton, master blender

Green Spot Irish Whiskey Essential Facts

  • Green Spot is one of the only pure pot-still whiskey brands produced in Ireland today.
  • Back in the day, wine merchants Mitchell & Son also offered a Blue Spot and a Red Spot whiskey in addition to Green Spot and Yellow Spot. (Yellow Spot is still made, but it’s not available in the US.)
  • The whiskey’s odd name has practical origins: To keep track of the barrels in the warehouse, each one was marked with a spot of paint when a shipment arrived from the distillery.

How you should drink Green Spot Irish Whiskey

  • Neat
  • On the rocks
  • With a bit of water

Types of Green Spot Irish Whiskey Available

  • Green Spot Irish Whiskey

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