Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier Orange LiqueurGrand Marnier Liqueur bottle
Grand Marnier Liqueur bottle


About Grand Marnier

Founder: Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle
Year Founded: 1880
Distillery Location: Neauphle-Le-Château, France
Master Distiller / Blender: Patrick Raguenaud, Cellar Master

Grand Marnier Essential Facts

  • How popular is Grand Marnier? Every two seconds a bottle of the liqueur is sold somewhere in the world.
  • Descendents of the brand’s founder Louis-Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle still own Grand Marnier.

How you should drink Grand Marnier

Types of Grand Marnier Available

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  1. Iron Rye says

    My personal favorite…

  2. Ray Asplen says


  3. Dennis W. Kennedy says

    Grand Marnier has anew flagship ” high end” decanter bottle out,
    called , ” Quinessances ” ( or something like that), expensive ,
    $800.00. ( + ). Check it out, I’m affraid to open up mine.


  4. I have love Grand Marnier for years. I especially enjoy the Centenaire with a cigar after a fabulous meal. Even enjoyed a Grand Marnier Creme in Toronto once that I was informed isn’t sold in the states. I haven’t had the pleasure of the Cent Cinquantenaire as yet, but based on the comments it seems that it is a must try.

  5. Linda Daigneault says

    I have been drinking Grand Marnier since I was around 18 years old. I have to say that it is my comfort food drink of choice.

  6. george lewis says

    where the hell has all the locanora gone. I use to buy it regularly, but in the last few years——–nothing! with one exception—-at the bar in the Biltmore in santa barbara,ca.—18 dollars a shot. Can you recommend any place where I can purchase by the bottle. HELP—Chivalry

  7. I have a old unopened bottle of of Grand Marnier Liqueur with a red tax stamp affixed to the top of the bottle. My father was in the liqueur business for many years. I believe the bottle is over 50 years old. Does anyone have an idea as to it worth? There is about 5% evaporation to the contents of the liqueur.

  8. i have two bottles of grand marnier one has a red stamp red ribbon tye around the neck and red cover the other has gold stamp and gold label can iget some info on how much they will cost it was given to me a few yrs ago thanks

  9. i have grand mariner quintessence for sale
    if interested email


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