George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

George Dickel Tennessee WhiskyGeorge Dickel Whiskey Bottle
George Dickel Whiskey Bottle

About George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

Founder: George and Augusta Dickel
Year Founded: 1870
Distillery Location: Normandy, Tennessee
Master Distiller / Blender: John Lunn, Master Distiller

George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey Essential Facts

  • While Dickel is American whiskey, it’s not bourbon. Technically, it is Tennessee whiskey—primarily because the spirit is filtered through charcoal before being aged. The only other brand to do that is Jack Daniel’s.
  • If you visit, you can send your favorite drinking buddy a postcard without leaving the premises.  Dickel claims to be the only distillery in the country to have its own working US Post Office branch on-site.

How you should drink George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

  • Straight
  • On the rocks
  • With a bit of water
  • With club soda
  • With ginger ale

Types of George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey Available

  • George Dickel Tennessee Whisky
  • George Dickel No.8
  • George Dickel No.12
  • George Dickel Barrel Select
  • George Dickel Rye Whiskey

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  1. Jake Walters says

    Merle Haggard introduced me to Dickel years ago at Billy Bobs in Fort Worth Tx. I am an old bass player who has been around and introduced Dickel to folks from Canada to Mexico. Jake, The OLe Bass Guy.

  2. Dan Almond says

    While I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail back in 1986, met a fellow hiker and we had a short exchange as the evening was winding down and the time for sleep approached. He was from Tennesee and hs favorite drink was George Dickel and the slogan something about “whistle, or nickel and George Dickel. After the trip was over(about 4 months later), I looked into the brand. If I’m drinking whiskey and have a choice…I’m drinking George Dickel. Great tip from the hiker… Many Thanks!!

  3. I have an unopened bottle of Dickel No. 8 from 1969-75 (not sure when it was bought but the person who owned it passed in ’75. I’m assuming its still good. Would a collector be interested in this?

  4. I also have a 1970 unopened bottle of Seagrams V.O.candian whisky and a half gallon old central black label kentucky straight boubon. Any Collectors?

  5. Randy Sanders says

    I’m a professional photographer and my favorite drinks are great Italian wine (San Giovesse, Nero D”avola, Barbera, etc) and Southern whiskey. I am a sucker for Gentleman Jack, Markers and every time I am at the liquor store I want to try something else like George D, but worried I won’t like it. I love big flavor, would I like George D? Which is the best?

  6. I have a 1 quart unopened golf ball decanter of George Dickel Old No. 12. The labels are all intact except a small part of the “To Pour” instructions tore off. My father received it either as a gift or won it at a golf outing. He was not a drinker and I estimate this to be over 50 years old. Does anyone have an idea of it’s value and if I wanted to sell it, the best way?

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