Evan Williams Bourbon

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Evan Williams Bottle

About Evan Williams Bourbon

Founder: Evan Williams
Year Founded: 1957
Distillery Location: Bardstown, Kentucky

Visitor Center:

Heaven Hill Distilleries
Bourbon Heritage Center
1311 Gilkey Run Road
Bardstown, KY
Tel: (502) 337-1000

Master Distiller / Blender: Parker Beam and Craig Beam, Master Distillers

Evan Williams Bourbon Essential Facts

  • Evan Williams is the second-most-popular Kentucky straight bourbon in the US.
  • According to legend, Evan Williams was Kentucky’s first distiller. He started making whiskey back in 1783.

How you should drink Evan Williams Bourbon

Types of Evan Williams Bourbon Available

  • Evan Williams Red Label (available outside the US)
  • Evan Williams Blue Label (available at the visitor center)
  • Evan Williams Green Label
  • Evan Williams White Label
  • Evan Williams Black Label
  • Evan Williams Honey Reserve
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage
  • Evan Williams Egg Nog
  • Evan Williams 1783
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000

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  1. Good bourbon for the price, there green label isn’t bad either.

  2. Cedric Scott says

    Evan Williams is a great drink and I love it!

  3. Great Daily Drink

  4. grabbed a bottle of evan williams because it was a lot cheaper than makers mark. i found that its still damn good quality bourbon and its become my #1

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