Devotion Vodka

Devotion Vodka


About Devotion Vodka

Founder: Andrew Adelman
Year Founded: 2008
Distillery Location: San Jose, California
Master Distiller / Blender: Dihr Sing, Master Distiller

Devotion Vodka Essential Facts

  • Devotion claims to be the first vodka infused with protein.
  • The vodka is made from American grains and is triple distilled.

How you should drink Devotion Vodka

  • Straight

Types of Devotion Vodka Available

  • Devotion Vodka Infused with Casein

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  1. D Carroll says

    I have tried this vodka, and all I have to say is….Finally! Finally a vodka that adhere’s to the health conscious individual!
    Welcome to 2010…the year of Devotion!
    There’s no doubt in my mind this is the next “big thing!”

  2. West4good says

    This sounds like an incredible idea, I cant believe no one has ever thought of this

  3. Brett Ashy says

    I love this vodka! I drank it a few weeks ago and it’s smooth as silk! Plus, I really love the fact that it’s infused with protein. Sort of a plus to a really great tasting vodka.

    Kudos on the bottle design as well. So, it looks great and tastes great!!! If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should.

  4. Dinesh Brid says

    Would love to try this one & see if I become a devout.
    Heard some stunning reviews. And the brand is really really active on twitter. Nice!

  5. Too good to be true- An answer to my prayers finally! So many mornings, “God, please help me!” No longer do I feel queezy in the morning, or guilty about the number of calories I consumed after 8pm- Before I use to down 5-6 drinks, then need pizza or somethin greasy- thats an extra 500+ calories! Is it the protein or what? I dont crave the pizza with this stuff!!! I cant believe how good it tastes without any flavor or added sugar!! This Vodka is heavenly! Im forever devoted. <3

  6. where can i buy this vodka in chicago

  7. where can i buy devotion in central florida? does abc liqours have devotion?

  8. I can not find this Vodka any where? Can not have any gluten at all and wish i could just order it from the company and have it shipped to my home!

  9. Is there sugar in this vodka?

  10. Have tried when it first came out, know the owner. It tastes horrible I was given a bottle by a friend left it out at a party only thing not opened, I can’t give it away! And people I try to give to are friends who grew up with owner. Bad rep in NJ, plus many invested and are waiting for their money back, but what do you expect from a fired ex-cop? There is no workouts all that comes from steroids random drug tests always come back to haunt you. Very sad…..

  11. Wowzers!! What a success story. From NJ state trooper to nationally franchised club owner and liquor purveyor. I guess police work pays off. Well, not honest police work anyway.

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