DeLeón Tequila

DeLeón Tequila

About DeLeón Tequila

Brent Hocking
Year Founded:
Distillery Location:
Purisima Del Rincon, Mexico
Master Distiller / Blender:
Brent Hocking
Types of Spirits Made:

DeLeón Tequila Essential Facts

  • Jewelry designer Bill Wall fashioned DeLeón’s signature sterling silver bottle stopper.
  • The brand’s añejo tequila is aged in barrels that previously held French sauternes wine.

How you should drink DeLeón Tequila

  • Straight
  • With a Sangrita

Discussion (8)

  • misivi posted 8 months ago

    I love tquila and i love that bottle...never i'd drink de Leon tequila but i want to do it

  • posted 3 years ago

    We've got you covered for easy cocktials. Check out our galleries of favorite two-ingredient ( and three-ingredient ( drinks.

  • posted 3 years ago

    Sangrita is a mix of citrus, grenadine and often tomato juice that's a popular partner for tequila in Mexico. Here's more about the concoction, including a recipe:

  • floglo posted 3 years ago

    What is Sangrita?

  • floglo posted 3 years ago

    I've been on a role enjoying the taste of Maker's Mark with a special Ginger Ale (less sweet more ginger pop) It's so good! I like simple cocktail drinks that doesn't require a lot of mixing. Enjoy concepts that involve glass ice and something to pair with drink of choice such as " Maker's Mark and Ginger Ale" Tequila and ? or Vodka and cranberry juice. Looking for suggestions! Thanks,

  • Jose posted 4 years ago

    The bottle is like no other. Wish it was less though.

  • Iron Rye posted 4 years ago

    Looks really good. Any free samples available?

  • Oscar Bueno posted 5 years ago

    Very cool bottle!

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