Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Premium Vodka


About Crystal Head Vodka

Founder: Dan Aykroyd
Year Founded: 2008
Distillery Location: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Master Distiller / Blender: Phil Power, master distiller

Crystal Head Vodka Essential Facts

  • American artist John Alexander designed Crystal Head’s famous bottle.
  • Crystal Head Vodka was not only created by a celebrity but is also a favorite of rock legend Keith Richards and actor Johnny Depp.

How you should drink Crystal Head Vodka

  • Straight

Types of Crystal Head Vodka Available

  • Crystal Head Vodka

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  1. Peter,
    I think you should get a bottle of this…has your style all over it!

  2. If Vodka is among your spirts of choice then you really need to add this one to your list. Do not pass it buy because of its price because if you have a true love for the most purest vodka you’ve ever slapped your lips around then pick up a bottle and get ready for the purest, cleanest Vodka ride of your life!!! Need I say more?

  3. This may be Dan Akyroyd’s funniest bit to date.

  4. A pure tasting vodka that stands on its own…

  5. adequate at 1/10th the price; ie- celebrity bottle. try absolut.

  6. Oh I got a little bottle so cute! Hopefully I can get more. No The Vodka I am not a fan of though. If I can get more I will and fill the skulls with more sweeter drinks one is filled with almond liquer

  7. If you are buying it for the bottle, they sell glass skull decanters at for $20. Fill it with something good.

  8. Looking for 1L for less than $89 which is price in Memphis. SK

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