Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier French CognacCourvoisier Bottle
Courvoisier Bottle


About Courvoisier Cognac

Founder: Emmanuel Courvoisier and Louis Gallois
Year Founded: 1835
Distillery Location: Jarnac, France

Visitor Center:

Courvoisier S.A.
16200 Jarnac
Tel: 330 45 35 55 55

Master Distiller / Blender: Jean-Marc Olivier, Master Blender

Courvoisier Cognac Essential Facts

  • Courvoisier calls itself “The Cognac of Napoleon,” since the spirit was the French emperor’s favorite.
  • Courvoisier was served at the 1889 opening of the Eiffel Tower.

How you should drink Courvoisier Cognac

  • Straight

Types of Courvoisier Cognac Available

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