Canadian Club Whisky

Canadian Club Canadian WhiskyCanadian Club Whisky
Canadian Club Whisky

About Canadian Club Whisky

Founder: Hiram Walker
Year Founded: 1858
Distillery Location: Ontario, Canada

Visitor Center:

Canadian Club Brand Heritage Center
2072 Riverside Drive East
Ontario, Canada

Canadian Club Whisky Essential Facts

  • The Ontario-based brand continued to produce whisky during America’s Prohibition, and many of the bottles were smuggled into the United States.
  • Canadian Club, according to the brand, was a favorite of mobster Al Capone.
  • Some say the original recipe for the Manhattan cocktail called for Canadian Club.

How you should drink Canadian Club Whisky

  • Straight
  • On the rocks
  • With a bit of water
  • With club soda

Types of Canadian Club Whisky Available

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  1. Pat Whaley says

    I live in South Carolina and for some reason a lot of bars/restaurants are ceasing to stock Canadian Club. I’ve been drinking CC&7 for almost 40 years and I don’t understand the sudden change in their stocking options. What gives? I’ve asked at several of my favorite spots and the only explanation is “not enough calls for CC”. I’m quite upset because I don’t have a substitute liquor that I enjoy.

  2. I too live in South Carolina and I agree…..It’s either VO or 7 but my personal favorite is Canadian Club.

  3. Leon Campbell says

    I live in Orlando Florida and have enjoyed Canadian Club Whisky Aged 6 Years for many years, now I can’t fine it where I shop or at any beverage stores. In the price range that I am used to buying your product I am offered one you are calling Premium Extra Aged. This has a different taste to me and wonder two things. Why the change from 6 year to this Label and where can I purchase aged 6 year Canadian Club.

  4. says

    If you want CC, get over to my home… AUSTRALIA! Working in the bar here, and I have nights where its the biggest seller. My girlfriend loves premixed CC and Dry Ginger Ale. I Love it for whiskey cocktails. When it comes to dark spirits, Canadian Club is a must have!

  5. I live in the UK and am finding it ever increasingly difficult to find.

  6. Thomas Fitzsimmons says

    Years ago, I always requested Jamison Whisky.

    Once my call was out of stock and the bartender suggested Canadian Club. I have been using Canadian Club ever since.

    I now live in the United States Virgin Virgin Islands and many places do not keep it in stock.


    i HAVE A BUSINESS IN RETAIL INSURANCE.. if you can use US Priority it also works here. If not priority, you can ship to a frieght Forwerder on the East Coast.and I will take it from there.ould recieve 50 or 100 liters

  7. A friend of mine was telling me CC is a liqueur, as far as i know CC is a blended Rye whiskey. Can anyone shed some light on this either way?

  8. I have a 1929 bottle of CC unopened seal has not been comprimised but the face has faded somewhat.
    What is it worth?


  1. […] makes soda taste better and not as a serious option for a serious whisky drinker like me! I mean, Club is fine – it does a job and does it very well – but it falls short when I’m considering […]

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