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From the brand

In 1987, Tom Bulleit fulfilled a lifelong dream of reviving an old family bourbon recipe by starting the Bulleit Distilling Company. Inspired by his great-great grandfather Augustus Bulleit, who made a high-rye whiskey between 1830 and 1860, Tom left a successful law practice and risked everything to experience life on the frontier. Today, Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in small batches. High rye content gives it a bold, spicy character with a distinctively smooth, clean finish. Kentucky limestone-filtered water provides a foundation for the bourbon's character, while charred American oak barrels lend a smoky backbone. Our aging philosophy is simple: we wait until our bourbon is ready. "

About Bulleit

Founder: Tom Bulleit
Year Founded: 1987
Distillery Location: Lawrenceburg, Ky. (bourbon) and Lawrenceburg, Ind. (rye)
Master Distiller / Blender: Tom Bulleit

Bulleit Essential Facts

  • Bulleit Bourbon is based on a family recipe created by founder Tom Bulleit’s great-great grandfather, Augustus.
  • The bourbon is made from a mash that’s about two-thirds corn and one-third rye.
  • The rye whiskey is made from 95 percent of the eponymous grain.

How you should drink Bulleit

Types of Bulleit Available

  • Bulleit Bourbon
  • Bulleit Bourbon 10-Year-Old
  • Bulleit Rye Whiskey

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