Bluecoat Gin

Bluecoat American Dry GinBluecoat Gin Bottle
Bluecoat Gin Bottle


About Bluecoat Gin

Founder: Andrew Auwerda, Robert John Cassell and Timothy Yarnall
Year Founded: 2005
Distillery Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Master Distiller / Blender: Master Distiller Robert John Cassell

Bluecoat Gin Essential Facts

  • Bluecoat is distilled five times in a custom-built, hand-hammered copper pot still.
  • The brand only uses certified organic botanicals to flavor the gin, including juniper berries and a blend of American orange and lemon peels.
  • Bluecoat’s sister brands are Penn1681 Vodka and Vieux Carré Absinthe.

How you should drink Bluecoat Gin

Types of Bluecoat Gin Available

  • Bluecoat Gin

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  1. I consider myself a gin connoisseur. I love gin, never had any I didn’t like. Until this one. There is a slightly smoky or woody undertone that gets in the way of the clean taste of the botanicals. It’s better mixed in – smoky martini, dirty martini, but by itself, is not what I am looking for.
    Maybe I got a bad batch?

  2. Please advise where to buy in NYC. Thanks

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