baileys-irish-creamBaileys Irish Cream Bottle
Baileys Irish Cream Bottle


About Baileys

Founder: R & A Bailey
Year Founded: 1974
Distillery Location: Dublin, Ireland

Baileys Essential Facts

  • Baileys only uses milk from Irish cows and a lot of it. The brand goes through 72.6 million gallons of milk a year.
  • The liqueur is so popular that people around the world drink 2,300 glasses of it every minute of every day.
  • Love Baileys? Try it in cheesecake, ice cream, pie and muffins. There are recipes on the brand’s website.

How you should drink Baileys

Types of Baileys Available

  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Baileys with a Hint of Coffee
  • Baileys with a Hint of Mint
  • Baileys with a Hint of Caramel

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  1. Baileys is divine, add it to coffee, cocoa, make truffles, equal parts with frangelico and cream on the rocks, any way you try it, its never bad, always right!!

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