10 Cane Rum

10 Cane Rum10 Cane Rum Bottle
10 Cane Rum Bottle


About 10 Cane Rum

Year Founded: 2005
Distillery Location: Trinidad
Master Distiller / Blender: Jean Pineau, Master Distiller

10 Cane Rum Essential Facts

  • The Trinidadian rum is made from freshly pressed sugarcane juice, which is distilled twice in a pot still and aged in French oak barrels for six month before bottling.
  • 10 Cane isn’t just a cool sounding name but actually the number of sugarcane stalks that it takes to make one bottle.
  • 10 Cane uses first press cane juice, meaning the purest, most flavorful juice from hand-harvested sugar cane.

How you should drink 10 Cane Rum

Types of 10 Cane Rum Available

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  1. Emmanuel Solorio says


  2. ROBERT LANE says

    If you have never tried this you don’t know what your missing. Life is to short to miss out on trying different spirits and drinks and 10 cane is awesome

  3. 10 Canes is a delightful light rum that is excellent neat or in a high-end cocktail that calls for light rum. I would only use high-quality mixers with it, though; a fine rum like this deserves fine accompaniments.

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