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Bartender Shaking A Cocktail - How to Shake Cocktails

The Shaking Rhythm

By Listen closely: Can you hear it? Each bartender has his or her own distinct shake. Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis explores this mixological phenomenon.
Chris McMillan - New Orleans Bartender

Raising the Bar: Chris McMillian

By New Orleans is definitely a drinker’s town, and one of its top bartenders is Chris McMillian. Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis profiles this mixological master.
Sangrita and Tequila Shots - Sangrita Recipe

A Double Shot

By Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis expounds on the joys of sipping tequila along with a glass of the Mexican delicacy Sangrita.
Spilled Shot Glasses - Hangover Cures

The Morning After

By Acclaimed author and spirits expert Wayne Curtis explores remedies for a hangover.
Misty Kalkofen - Mixologist

Raising the Bar: Misty Kalkofen

By Meet one of the country’s best mixologists.
Glass of Dark Rum - Spiced Rum Recipe

Spice Your Rum

By Acclaimed author and spirits expert Wayne Curtis shares the secrets to creating your own personal spiced rum.
Bloody Mary - Cocktail History

Behind the Drink: The Bloody Mary

By Find out who likely invented the classic brunch drink.
Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron - Classic Tiki Cocktails - Cocktail History

The Return of Trader Vic

By Around the globe, a new generation of bartenders is reinterpreting historic tiki cocktails.
Mojito - Drink Recipe - Cocktail History

Behind the Drink: The Mojito

By Learn about the humble origins of one of today’s most popular and trendy cocktails.
Ernest Hemingway at a Bar - Hemingway Daiquiri Recipe

Behind the Drink: The Hemingway Daiquiri

By Separating fact from fiction about Ernest Hemingway’s favorite rum cocktail.
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