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Hot Buttered Rum - Rum Cocktail

Hot Buttered Rum

By In winter, Hot Buttered Rum always hits the spot.

The Five Biggest Rum Myths

By We got acclaimed author and rum expert Wayne Curtis to debunk five common misconceptions about the historic liquor.

Raising the Bar: Neal Bodenheimer & Kirk Estopinal

By Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis profiles the dynamic duo of Neal Bodenheimer and Kirk Estopinal and gets the latest about their expanding craft-cocktail bar empire in New Orleans.

The Spirit of ‘76

By Acclaimed author and rum expert Wayne Curtis explains why you should be drinking the historic liquor on the Fourth of July.

Raising the Bar: Chris Hannah

By New Orleans bartender Chris Hannah is a throwback to an older mixological era. Read acclaimed author Wayne Curtis’ profile of the talented bartender.
Derek Brown – Master Mixologist

Raising the Bar: Derek Brown

By Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis profiles talented bartender Derek Brown, who is helping to make Washington, D.C., a cocktail capital.
Hot Buttered Rum

In Defense of Hot Buttered Rum

By Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis makes the case for why you should fix this warm, decadent concoction tonight.
Glass of Rum - Rum History

The Real American Spirit

By While bourbon is now proudly called our native spirit, acclaimed author Wayne Curtis explains how rum was actually the Unites States’ original favorite and was produced by its earliest residents.
Teatime Toddy - Rum Cocktail

Teatime Toddy

By This classic hot cocktail goes tropical with a slug of spiced rum.
Zombie - Tiki Cocktails - Don the Beachcomber

Masters of Mixology: Don the Beachcomber

By Acclaimed author Wayne Curtis proves why tiki-cocktail creator Ernest “Don the Beachcomber” Gantt is still important and popular today.
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