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Whiskey Sour - Classic Cocktail

Whiskey Sour

By The origin of the Whiskey Sour dates back to over a century ago. A classic cocktail and a staple in the sour family of mixology, this drink will not leave any cocktail lover disappointed. Add egg white to add a rich, frothy texture to this sour and sweet tipple.
Margarita - Tequila Cocktail

Margarita Cocktail Recipe

By While the Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in North America, its origins are shrouded in mystery. There are almost as many stories about who invented the margarita as there are margarita recipes. Some like them blended, others with a sweetener, but many argue the best margarita recipe is this classic one. Memorize it and you’ll never fail to impress.


By The Grasshopper cocktail is a minty classic that is better than your traditional dessert.
Dale DeGroff | 2014 Drinking Trends

Behind the Bar: Drinking in 2014

By Wondering what cocktails you’ll be drinking this year? We got master mixologist and advisory board member Dale DeGroff to forecast the coming year’s biggest trends.
Vieux Carré - Rye Whiskey Cocktail

Vieux Carré

By The cognac-and-rye classic Vieux Carré cocktail was invented at New Orleans' famed Carousel Bar.

“Nick & Nora” Dry Martini

By Drink like the husband-and-wife detective team in The Thin Man.
Stinger - Cognac Cocktail


By The Stinger cocktail is like an adult after-dinner mint. The recipe dates back to the 1890s. Feel the sweet sting of cognac and crème de menthe in this classic nitecap.

Bourbon Old Fashioned

By It's been said that the original cocktail contains sugar, bitters, whiskey and water. This variation, made by cocktail legend Dale Degroff, adds muddled fruit and soda water for a lighter, fruitier taste.
Bastille Day Recipes | Bastille Day Cocktails

Behind the Bar: Bastille Day

By Legendary bartender and advisory board member Dale DeGroff shares his favorite cocktails to enjoy on this historic French holiday.
Dale's Rainbow Planter's Punch - Rum Cocktail

Dale’s Rainbow Planter’s Punch

By An instant-party-in-a-punchbowl for six, dreamed up by cocktail legend Dale DeGroff.
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