The Best Bottles Under $25

We’re not gonna lie: Getting to drink high-priced, rare spirits like Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch and Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon on a regular basis is one of the best perks of working for (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.)

But we know that price doesn’t always equal quality. While some bottlings are, frankly, overpriced, we’ve also discovered a few low-priced brands that are not only quite drinkable but may in fact be as good as (or better than) their higher-priced alternatives.

Obviously, it takes a bit of skill and luck to ferret out these rare budget gems, since there are still many awful cheap spirits on store shelves. Thankfully, we were able to get a few of our illustrious advisory board members to divulge their favorite bottlings that all, unbelievably, cost under $25. (That’s almost the price of a single cocktail in some New York bars!)

So check out our slideshow for the full list of delicious bargain spirits and then go shopping. Cheers!

View the Cheap Thrills: Great Liquor Under $25 slideshow on now.

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  1. scott mclaughlin says

    famouse grouse scotch has to be in here somewhwere

  2. Marc Broder says

    Absinthe is drink,,,

  3. You should try Florida Old Reserve Orange Liqueur, Florida Old Reserve Rum, or Black Roberts Rum!!
    They are the best and all under $25

  4. Charlie Himmelfarb says

    I was on a River Cruise from ST Petersburgh to Moscow—first nite on board—the ladies still getting dressed—I went to the bar—only the bar tender and me—I picked up the menu—my usual drink has always been Jack Daniels—priced at 9 Euros–about $12.00—-looking further I found Vodka 2 Euros—I said to the bar tender—maybe while in Russia try the Vodka?——after discussion he suggested Russian Standard—made in St Petersburgh where we were docked….I asked what to mix it with—Nada—what to chase it with—”take a piece of herring from dish on bar—-I listened and now am a summer Vodka drinker—bought a bottle next day in store in St Petersburgh—paid $24.99….when I got back home—was able to buy same bottle in New Hampshire for $15.99—what can I tell you????? True story

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