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Ever wondered who created the Martini or fantasized about taking a trip to Scotland to visit single malt whisky distilleries? Well, then check out articles from our network of expert contributors about a range of spirits and cocktails topics. From the latest liquor trends and profiles of the best bartenders to bar guides, we've got you covered.

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Instant Access to 6,000 of the World’s Best Bars | Partner Tip

Looking for a place to drink vodka in Moscow, slug mezcal in Mexico City or sip an Old Fashioned in Manhattan? DrinkAdvisor’s got you covered. Download the free app now for iPhone or Android and you’ll get access to an [...]

Pickled Eggs Recipe

Bar Food: Pickled Eggs Recipe from Bronwyn

Everyone knows their deviled eggs. It’s now time to show some respect for the pickled egg.

Best Summer Hard Ciders

This Summer Your Hard Cider Will be Drunk From a Can

Hard ciders are having a moment. And this summer, the best hard ciders come ready-to-drink in a can.

Take a sip everytime you see this guy on the small screen.

Get Drunk on Saturday Night Live

No matter if you’re watching a rerun from the 70s or last season, this drinking game will make your SNL viewing much more entertaining.

Vodka and hard cider unite to create a seriously refreshing cocktail.

Partner Tip | The (Bison) Grass is Indeed Greener

Camping. BBQs. Sunglasses. Summer is now, and these traditional summer icons have a new compatriot: the delicious combination of ZU Bison Grass Vodka (Żubrówka) and domestic hard cider. Bartenders and consumers across the U.S. have been falling for the unique [...]


7 Celebrities Wasted on Live TV

Fame, fortune and a few too many drinks.

Los Angeles’s Faith & Flower knows how to flame on.

You Only Think You Know Absinthe

These bars have gotten really fancy with the ways they’re serving absinthe.

These girls know how to drink.

The 5 Best Drinking Moments on Sex and the City

Your favorite group of metropolitan ladies know how to throw back a drink.

Tim Cooper is a man with quite the playbook.

The Best-Drinking New Sports Bar in the USA?

New York City’s Sweetwater Social knows that foosball and great cocktails should go hand-in-hand.

Who else can make drinking look so good?

Angelina Jolie Has Done Some Amazing Movie Drinking

Let's take a look at the best drinking movie moments from our favorite reformed bad girl.

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