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Ever wondered who created the Martini or fantasized about taking a trip to Scotland to visit single malt whisky distilleries? Well, then check out articles from our network of expert contributors about a range of spirits and cocktails topics. From the latest liquor trends and profiles of the best bartenders to bar guides, we've got you covered.

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Honeybees: Making mead possible since 7000 B.C.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mead

Mead could be be the ancestor of all alcoholic beverages. And it’s back.


The Most Disgusting Cocktails Ever, In Photos

You could make these gnarly-looking cocktails—but why would you?

Trash into treasure in a few easy steps.

5 Pioneering Ways to Reuse All Those Empty Bottles You Have

Why throw all those empty bottles away? With these simple hacks, your bottles can also be your treasure.

Image: 10thkitchen.com

This is How You Bring the Juicing Craze to The Bar

Are you in a dedicated relationship with your juicer? It’s time to start spiking your spirits with vibrant vegetable juices that go way beyond everyday cucumber.


5 Comforting Slow Cooker Cocktails to Help Deal with Winter

How to banish the winter blues? Break out the slow cooker.


Drink to the Oscars with Inspired Celebrity Cocktails

Brian Van Flandern’s new book, Celebrity Cocktails, celebrates stars who loved a good drink—many of whom have at least one Academy Award.


7 Inspired Cocktails That Will Go Perfectly With Your Movie Night

No matter the movie genre, there’s a cocktail that is just right.

Illustration: Ariel Dunitz-Johnson

Bartenders Only: Simon Ford Knows How to Start a Liquor Brand

The co-founder of The 86 Co. knows about the challenges of starting a booze brand from scratch.

007 doing what he does best.

7 Movie Characters Who Love to Drink

The Dude, of course. And 007. But there are others who may surprise you.


These Are the 6 Bar Mixers You Should Absolutely Positively Use

Lemon juice is just the beginning.

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